Keep your pet occupied while youre at work
Posted on 27/07/16
1. Digging Games If your dog is outside during the day, a plastic paddling pool can be great for somewhere to dig. (Blue plastic clamshell pools are usually...
Cat in a box
Posted on 05/09/15
It doesn't seem to matter the size, cats do not seem to mind when it comes to a cardboard box. We've had a go at trying to work out what it is with our felines &...
Dog licking its owner
Posted on 26/08/15
Your canines behaviour does not mirror that of us humans, even though it seems parallel to it.  While an  enthusiastic licking session from your dog may appear...
Clean your dog
Posted on 10/08/15
We all know that having a canine in the house is awesome. What isn't so great though, is cleaning their hair off the sofa or those muddy paws off the carpet. 1....
Why dogs love to snuggle with you
Posted on 22/07/15
Whether you enjoy your night time cuddle with Harvey or are trying to push him off instead, one thing is for sure that your pooch is bonded with you. He nestles close...