Our Story

Petxcite was founded in 2011 with the aim of fulfilling a need for top quality, fashionable petware to give pet parents more choices in the market. Fast-forward 4.5 years and Petxcite Pet Products had developed from a small stall at Auckland’s Takapuna markets to a growing International business.

In June 2016 the business was sold to new owners and moved to Northland.

We have always had pets in our lives. Growing up, it was always a loyal cat or two – including the homeless ones that arrived on our doorstep and never left and the strays that we rescued and brought in to our home. In recent years we have become very happy dog owners.

Our dog Benson came in to our lives when he was just six-weeks old and he is now approaching two-years-old. He is a Staffordshire Terrier crossed with a Labrador and we have spent a lot of time training and socializing him to be a well-mannered, friendly dog who knows what is expected of him and he behaves well in many different situations and environments.

He is a beautiful, loyal and affectionate dog and is the best companion animal we have ever owned. He is a big part of our lives and he keeps us fit with his daily walk which often feels like a marathon to us as he has a lot of energy to burn!

Benson has taught us a lot about the needs of dogs and the many things they rely on their owners for. We have our own range of Petxcite products for him and we are really excited about continuing to bring these products to the market with petxcite.co.nz. We are advocates of animal rights and welfare and we hope our passion for pets is able to assist us to do great things with the petxcite brand.