Tips For Training Your Puppy

Tip 1

Be confident and take control, as you are the puppies pack leader. Allowing your dog to get away with everything, will lead to negative behaviours. This can cause problems for both of you in the future.

Tip 2

Listen to your puppy. If they seem uncomfortable, don’t force whatever you are attempting to do and revisit the issue at a later stage.

Tip 3

Be consistent with your command words. There is nothing more confusing for a puppy than hearing different instructions.

Tip 4

Teaching your dog recall is one of the most important steps in training. Start this as early as possible.

Tip 5

Give your puppy a place all of it’s own, where they can have time out or rest & sleep. Puppies sleep a lot in the early stages of their life. A private space helps them to feel secure.

Tip 6

Go to puppy classes. This is a great way to encourage your pooch to socialise with other dogs and their owners.

Tip 7

Always reward good behaviour with treats and lots of positive reinforcement. If your puppy is listening to all your commands & being a star, let them know.

Tip 8

Be generous with your affection. Your puppy loves to be cuddled and praised, so give them as much love back as they give you.

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