10 Awesome Dog Facts

Here are 10 Awesome Facts about Dogs:

  1. Some dogs don’t like being hugged, as they can interpret hugging as a sign of dominance.
  2. Smaller breeds mature faster than larger breeds.
  3. The Chihuahua breed is named after a place in Mexico, where they were discovered.
  4. Be mindful when you’re petting other pups, as your dog may feel jealous.
  5. Despite contrary beliefs, dogs CAN see in other colours, but less clearly than us humans.
  6. Dogs can dream like humans.
  7. Dogs have the ability to fall in love!
  8. In ancient Greece, to protect dogs from wolf attacks, they wore spiked collars.
  9. The Basenji breed is unquie, as it is the only dog that does not bark.
  10. Dogs use their noses for many purposes, including to keep themselves cool & to understand which direction the wind comes from.

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