Tips To Help Prevent Your Dogs From Running Away

  1. Microchip Your Pooch
    This info will help local wardens, vets or animal shelters to locate the pet owner’s details, if dogs ever go missing
  2. Tags and Collars
    Check that your dog is wearing a good fitting collar when out & about.
  3. Secure Gates & Fences
    It is extremely important to secure your house & property. Indoor & outdoor doggy gates will help prevent your pooches from dashing away.
  4. Neuter & Spay Your Dog
    Medical evidence supports unneutered dogs are more susceptible to running away, to relieve their sexual impulses, or follow other habitual instincts.
  5. Why Do They Run Away?
    The key to understanding the reasons why your dog wants to run away is a good step towards finding the appropriate course of action. Does your pet want to bolt because of boredom, or the need for socialisation? Therefore, walk your dog regularly & for longer time periods.
  6. Obedience Training
    Basic training for all dogs is a MUST so they have good recall & understand commands like “Come” and “Stay” etc. This will help your dog identify you as their pack leader, so they will be less likely to run away.
  7. Find A Trusted Doggy Daycare / Petminding Service
    Your pooch needs never to be on their own, while you are away or at work. This will give you peace of mind, knowing your dog is safe & cared for.

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