Rainy Day Dog Activities

Oh No! It’s Raining… You don’t want to go out there. Here’s some ideas to save you from catching the flu.

Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks

We know your dogs are a legend, but they could be even more so if you train them to be one. Try teaching your pet to learn some new commands, & perhaps some dog tricks. All that’s required are treats & a rainy day.

Play Some Fun Games

Our favourites are Tug-of-War & Hide & Seek. Check out Petxcite’s great range of indoor & versatile dog tug toys. You can play Hide & Seek with “find the treats” or show, then hide a favourite toy for your canine to find.


We all love cuddles, & that includes your pooch too. Why not curl up on the couch together to watch a movie? Perhaps a rom-com if your dog is into that kind of thing…

Be Bold

If the weather isn’t too bad, try wrapping up & taking your dog outside for some fresh air & a quick walk.


Please email us to share any other interesting activities with the Petxcite team.