10 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Cats

Are you knowledgeable about our feline furry friends?

Here are some fascinating facts that you might like to know:

  1. Cats are unable to taste sweet things.
  2. The patterns on cats noses are unique, like our fingerprints.
  3. They don’t have vision directly below their noses.
  4. Kittens sleep a lot because the growth hormone only releases when they sleep.
  5. Male cats are left hand dominant, while females are right-handed.
  6. Our felines have three eyelids.
  7. Cats whiskers are used to judge if they can fit through a space.
  8. Male cats are known as ‘Toms’, while females are called ‘Mollys’.
  9. While the heaviest cat recorded weighed a hefty 21kg, most domestic cats weigh 5kg or less.
  10. Cats are known for their excellent night vision & hearing.