Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Warm Over Winter

Brrr… It’s cold this winter.

You probably can’t wait to come home and turn the heating on & drink some hot choclate. So what about your canines? What’s keeping the cockles of their heart warm too?

Some dogs feel the cold more than others, especially older pets & those that have particular ailments, like arthritis.

  1. By keeping your dogs indoors, it is a sure way of keeping them warm.
  2. Get them clothing like jackets & jumpers. When venturing out into the rain or snow, it is a good idea to choose outerwear that is made from a water proof nylon material.
  3. Dogs regulate their temperature through their tongue & the soles of their feet. Therefore, investing in some booties can help retain their body heat.
  4. If your dog is often outdoors, ensure that they have the appropriate shelter. A kennel needs to have a sloped roof, be insulated, & warm bedding.
  5. Bedding in kennels need to be elevated a few centimetres off the cold floor, to help avoid drafts. An aluminum framed canvas platform is ideal for use in kennels, or on patios & indoors.
  6. As dogs burn more calories in the colder months trying to stay warm, it’s a good idea to provide a little more food.
  7. If you have a chilly home, you can use a pet snuggle disk under your dog’s bedding for additional warmth. These manufactured disks are heated in a microwave oven & will maintain heat for several hours.
  8. Remember the occasional treat & lots of belly rubs. Nothing warms your pooches heart more than some special food & attention.