10 Reasons To Date Dog-Lovers

  1. They are usually fairly sociable people.
    We dog owners are part of an unofficial community that others don’t know about, until they have their own dog. This is shown in the way we nod and smile at each other when we are out & about walking our dogs.
  2. When you are a dog owner, you need to be a little bit active.
    Usually they are the type people who exercise their dogs. You can find them down at the dog park or dog-friendly beaches on the weekends.
  3. Dog-lovers are reliable.
    They have their furry friends relying on them on a daily basis for all their needs, so they are used to responsibility.
  4. Dog-lovers are considerate.
    They are the type of people who will spot something when they are out that they know their pooch with just love. So they can’t resist bringing home a little gift.
  5. Dog owners are playful.
    As dogs loves to play, a dog-lover is going to be heaps of fun.
  6. Dogs are forgiving.
    They know you did not mean to step on their tail, they will always love you. This is a trait that rubs off on their owners…
  7. Dogs are the most loyal animals on the planet.
    It is a safe bet that their owners are the same.
  8. As dogs have an easy-going nature, this trait can influence those around them.
    When interacting with our dogs, oxytocin in the brain is released & cortisol levels are lowered. Research says therefore, dog owners are less stressed than other people who don’t have a dog.
  9. Dogs don’t worry, they are always happy.
    How could you not have a big smile on your face when your dog couldn’t be more excited to see you after a day at work? Our pets give us so much joy & happiness. It has to be infectious.