Helpful Tips to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

Keeping your dog entertained doesn’t need to be expensive.

What can be costly however, is the damage your pet can do to your property both inside & out,  if they’re left to their own devices while you’re out working.  Some dogs need more stimulation than other breeds, so we’ve hunted out some good ways to help keep your dog busy & occupied.

  1. Kongs/Food Balls
    You can stuff your dogs usual wet or dry food, treats, or frozen food inside a kong or Petxcite‘s Tricky Treat Dispenser Food Ball Dog Toys. The food options are endless, so almost anything goes. These toys are usually safe for active chewers. Chewing is a stress reliever for our dogs, as happy hormones are released when they chew.
  2. Digging Adventures
    If your pooch spends time outside during the day, a plastic paddling pool makes an ideal digging spot. Try burying some toys in there like our food ball & give your dog a daily treasure hunt. It’s easy. Fill the pool with a deep layer of kid safe sand & give your dog some training, so they learn this is the place where he can dig.
  3. Food Puzzles
    Instead of feeding your dog from a bowl, try turning it in to a game by using a puzzle toy or  with food inside. A cheap easy option, is to put your dogs biscuits inside a plastic bottle without the lid, so he’ll need to learn to roll it around, to get the food out. Supervise your pooch initially with new toys, to ensure it’s safe to use.
  4. Rotate Toys
    Instead of having lots of toys out that don’t get used, try rotating different toys every few days. Have a toy basket where they can choose which toys to play with each day.
    Many dogs love a game of chase & fetch OR Frisbee. If possible try to play some games in the morning before you leave for work.
  5. Wear Your Dog Out Both Physically & Mentally
    A tired dog is always a happy dog. Try to walk your pooch in the morning before work, or use a dog walker to visit during the day. When a dog is well exercised they tend to sleep for hours.
    You can then be sure, he will be curled up on his comfy bed, sleeping the day away.
    As well as some physical exercise, try to keep your dog busy & stimulated too. You could set up a dog agility course in the back yard with planks & tunnels.
    Or hide food or some favourite toys around the house, or back yard for your dog to find.

Please email us to share any other tips you use to keep your dog out of mischief, while you’re out.