Why Does Your Dog Want To Snuggle Up With You?

Whether you enjoy your night time cuddle with Harvey or are trying to push him off instead, one thing is for sure that your pooch is bonded with you.

He nestles close to you, puts his head on the pillow, or paws at you until you put a blanket over him. Harvey knows that he’s not just a dog, but a much loved member of the family. Naturally, he wants to be close to you.

He Adores You

It’s simple! You’ve been at work all day which is a life time in doggie time. Your busy day just doesn’t stop when you arrive home, as there’s a list of chores to do. When you’re at home, Harvey still doesn’t get the attention that he craves. Your fur kid wants to snuggle up with you at night to spend some quality time with you, for as long as possible, before you’re off out the door again the next day.

He’s Happy

You know the how happy you feel to see your significant other walk thorough the door. Well, Harvey feels the same way when he sees you. Researchers have observed that  when dogs are feeling upbeat about a situation, or greet you, they wag their tail more to the right. Watch Harvey the next time when he nestles up beside you. He’ll leap up on to the bed, come towards you & probably wag his tail to the right. You make him very happy!

He’s Cold

Harvey’s bed is in the living room. It’s nice & warm when the family is at home & the fire is blazing. But at night time his sleeping place is lonely & drafty. In Buster’s eyes, you’re like one big heater! Just as you enjoy snuggling up to your partner on a chilly winter’s night, Buster likes to snuggle up to keep warm too. Not only, is it a bonus of being close to you, he gets to drift off to sleep while being cosy the whole night long.

It’s In His Blood

Some dogs have a natural tendency to be snuggly & cuddly. It’s in a dogs DNA to want to be glued to you. If you like spending nights curled up with your pooch, adopt a canine with the cuddle genes. Pomeranians, Shih Tzus, Poodles, Maltese, Pugs, Lhasa Apsos & Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are examples of some breeds, that are more genetically prone to want that physical closeness with the person they love the most in the whole world.