6 Tips To Help Keep A Clean House With A Dog

We all know that having a canine in the house is awesome. What isn’t so great though, is cleaning their hair off the sofa or those muddy paws off the carpet.

1. Prevention

The less cleaning up you have to do with or without a pet the better!  It’s a good idea to try brushing your canine daily to help prevent surplus hair from ending up on furniture.

2. Stop & Rub

Try to keep those muddy paws from making a mess on the carpet, by stopping them at the door, so you can give them a quick rub after their adventures outside.  Have a mat at the door & keep a towel or some dog paw wipes handy.

3. Cover, Wash, Replace

Keep sofas & chairs covered with throws or invest in some pet mats. This will help your furnishings clean & hair free. It’s always easier to throw messy covers in the wash or replace, them rather than be trying to remove pet stains & odours from your sofa.

4. Little & Often

By doing small amounts of tidying or cleaning daily will help keep you on top of things.

5. Toy Basket

Keep your dogs toys contained in a basket, so while they can be readily accessed, they can all be returned when finished with & ready for another day.

6. Wash Bedding Regularly

A dog loves to climb in to a nice clean bed.