Why Does My Dog Lick Me??

Your canines behaviour does not mirror that of us humans, even though it seems parallel to it.  While an  enthusiastic licking session from your dog may appear kiss like & very sweet, it’s meaning isn’t  always the same as we think. Your cuddly pooch licking may sometimes indicate odedience or reverence.


The licking dog can often be a tender act. This is common if your canine hasn’t be with you for a while. The licking of your face or hand can simply mean that your dog is bursting with excitement to see you. Licking courtesy of dogs can often be, that  they are asking for your love too, in return. Your pooch works hard for your approval & licking is a means of showing that to you.


A common reason that dogs lick people is due to modesty. Our canines are used to the social systems of packs. In pack systems, it is customary that alpha dogs are the leaders & the beta & omega  dogs, just quietly accept, how things are. If your pooch sees you as his pack leader, he may communicate that by licking the lower part of your face, which is the human version of the ‘canine  muzzle.’ Muzzle licking behaviour in the doggie world means that I appreciate & acknowledge your leadership. A dog licking another dog’s muzzle, is a display of total respect.


If you sometimes feel your canine’s wet tongue licking your arm, then this could be their way of asking for your attention. When dogs are puppies they lick their Mum’s mouth as a way to ask for food.
Your pooch may be wanting to play or requesting food too.


Dogs can pacify themselves by licking, during times of nervousness & uncertainty, similar to displacement behaviour like barking or tail chasing. Many of us humans can turn to nervous behaviours as a way of calming down or cooling off in a unpleasant or stressful situation. Our dogs are similar in this respect.

Medical Issues

Sometimes, canine licking can point to health problems, particularly if it’s focused not just on people, but on objects or household furnishings. Some dogs can resort to licking as a means to manage some physical discomfort or pain, due to dental problems or stomach upsets. If you suspect that your dogs licking is due to these kinds of ailments, call the vet for a medical checkup, as soon as possible.