Why Do Cats Like Cardboard Boxes?

It doesn’t seem to matter the size, cats do not seem to mind when it comes to a cardboard box.

We’ve had a go at trying to work out what it is with our felines & cardboard boxes:

  1. It seems to be instinctive as cats like to stalk their prey. A secure hiding place is attractive & a cardboard box gives them a place where they can watch the world around them. Then they have the ideal vantage point to swat an ankle from time to time.
  2. An enclosure makes them feel safe & secure. While inside a box, they can only be approached on one side, so there’s no surprise attack from other directions.
  3. It is also a great place for a snuggly sleep. As cats sleep something like 18 hours per day, they know what they are doing. A cardboard box is the ideal place for that long snooze, or when they lose a sunny spot at the end of your bed.
  4. As it is cool & dark, it’s an awesome hangout spot to beat those summer temperatures.
  5. Boxes are lots of fun! You just have to watch them with a cardboard box, to see how great it is for a cat.
  6. There is an seemingly endless supply of cardboard boxes out there, of all different shapes & sizes. Who wouldn’t like something that has so much variety? They are also a cheap alternative to a cat toy or bed.
  7. While we realize cats aren’t bothered, boxes are also the most environmentally friendly toy & hangout spot.