Ideas to Help Cure Your Dogs Biting Habits

Appropriately named man’s best friend our dogs bring their owners loyalty, companionship & unconditional love. It can be a headache for us owners, with dogs that have a tendency to bite. Canine’s that bite can be a safety problem for people & other dogs, as well as exposing their owners to lawsuit liabilities. With some proper training & rehabilitation, the good news is that biting habits can in most cases, be cured.


The protection of territory & property is often a reason why dogs bite. Dogs can snap when they feel they are being threatened in some way, such as they think that their food, or toys are at risk of being taken. Some early training can help to reduce this behavior. Teach your canine to wait while you put his food before him. Train him to either sit or lie down, then remove the food bowl & put it back again.  On occasions approach the bowl while he is eating & place treats inside. This method will help your dog to understand, he doesn’t need to feel threatened when you approach his food bowl.


Dogs who are afraid or unsure of their surroundings can commonly project that fear by reacting with biting. This fear is usually directed at strangers, visitors or neighbours. By exposing your dog to different people, animals & situations at an early age, it will help to significantly reduce their anxiety. As an example, make a trip to the vet clinic with your canine to meet the vet & get a feel for the place. Ask visitors to give your pooch some treats. This way, the dog learns that strangers are not an enemy or a reason to feel negative.

Proper Training

It’s important that behavioural training starts as soon as your canine is adopted. Join a local dog training class, or do some research of good training practices at home. Set boundaries on appropriate behaviour. Never teach your dog to chase people or show aggression towards others, even when playing. Dog’s don’t understand the difference between playing & real-life situations. Seek professional assistance from veterinarians, qualified dog trainers & animal behaviourists, if your canine’s biting habits don’t improve.

Spaying And Neutering

Spaying or neutering a dog will reduce aggressive tendencies towards humans. A spayed or neutered dog is less likely to bite. This  procedure will also minimize a canine’s desire to roam & create fights with other dogs.  Consult your vet about the best age or time to spay or neuter your pet.