Ginger Kitty

Last year we had our first child, outside of the fur baby circle. It was the missing piece to complete our zoo. I always knew the dogs would be great with our new child, even the horses were gentle, however my ginger kitty cat was another story. She has always been my number one child, sleeping with me, in the garden, following me everywhere. I was just unsure about her and how she would cope. She came into baby’s room and help set in up with me, even watched me wash the clothes and put them away. In my mind thinking this might help her come to terms that she’s not going to be number one anymore. Well she thought it was all for her. New bed, new bedding and toys. Thanks Mum.
The days were coming fast, quick thinking I decided to google and see if there were other ways that might help little kitty. All of them were for after, basically I just need to wait for baby to come and see what she does.

The day came and we got to bring our new baby boy home. Welcome to our Zoo little Angus meet the Crew. The dogs were all excited to smell, lick and be around this tidy little creature. Think the horses were just happy to see me back However, the ginger kitty was unsure about the whole thing. My attention for her had gone and she didn’t like that.

To top it all off she had to sleep outside for the first 2 months.
In those first 2months I would let her inside for the day, but at night she had to go out. When he screamed, she would run and jump on the bed to try and bite him. She would do that every time, till he got bigger. It probably didn’t help that she was big bigger than him.

It took some time and a lot of encouragement to make her realise he was not a rabbit or something she could eat and that he is another scratching tool if mums’ hands were busy.
She’s now has the house full time again and she even enjoys sleeping in his room in the mornings, as that side of the house gets the sun. Amazing she not interested in sleeping with him or in his bed. I think she knows that is his space, or that connection is just not made. Not worried about that as I don’t really want to encourage her. I think little ginger kitty is just happy to be back inside in time for winter, so she can have her place by the fire again.


Tips on fur babies with human babies

It’s a big change for the whole household having a new member joining the crew. Especially the inside crew members. Please don’t shut them out. They want to be apart of the excitement just as much as you, let them help, let them smell, lick and touch babies’ things.
Make sure that they know that its ok for them to be away from you. Child gates are a good one to put up without shutting room doors.
When you do turn up from the hospital once again, please don’t shut them out. Teach them the boundaries. Never leave them alone with each other. Remind them that its ok to be separated from you and that you have another tiny creature that needs you.

Walking along the pram is another good way to get them use the bubs. No pulling of the lead will help you in the long run, for when they are a toddler wanting to walk the dog. This will also allow your hands to be free as you can tie them to the pram.
Jumping up to see what you are doing all the time. When you can’t get the little one to sleep and the dog wants to see were bubs is, I know we had a few heated moments with the dog. That is another good one to stop, jumping up.

If you don’t have one please make sure you do. Their own space. Something that is so easy, that we forget. In a corner of the room put their bed and toys and that is their safe zone. Baby doesn’t touch only you and your dog go there.

Baby makes a lot of noise. Play some clips of babies, if your pet goes to investigate give them a treat. Let them know it’s a good sound and its ok.

If you have any concerns at all please consult a qualified behaviorist Or if you have any tips to share please let us know.