Super Dry Comfy Fleece Pet Bed – Grey Paw Print


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Our super dry comfy pet beds absorbent fleece have unique drying properties & the high construction provides superior heat retention, to ensure your pets stay dry & warm even if there is an accident. This quality product is widely used by Vets & is a must have when, when caring for both cats & dogs with incontinence, arthritis, or recovery from post surgery.

Key Benefits

  • made of 100% breathable non irritant materials, that discourages bacterial growth & eliminates odours
  • use over existing bedding, on car seats, to line crates & kennels to provide a water resistant layer
  • great for use too, as a comfort for pets sleeping on a hard surface
  • comes with a practical non slip backing to suit many applications
  • machine washable & quick drying on line or tumble dry, for easy care



  • Length  84 cm
  • Width  53cm


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